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Three-day course: “Computed tomography in emergency abdominal surgery.”

LINS delivered PACS to the largest hospital in Stavropol

The LINS company supplied and installed PACS in the largest hospital in the Stavropol region - "Stavropol Regional Clinical Hospital"

The largest private clinic in the Republic of Uzbekistan chooses the LINS solution.

"Multifunctional Medical Center" in Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan chooses LINS solutions.

LINS is now in Armenia.

"LINS" company supplied the Radiological Information System and the Digital Archive of Medical Images for the "Shengavit" Clinic Department of Radiation Diagnostics and the MRI Department of the "Proton" Clinic in Yerevan, the Republic of Armenia. A feature of the project is the need to ensure compliance with the Republic of Armenia requirements regarding the presentation of research results in Armenian. This project also includes integration with the medical information system. We thank our colleagues for choosing LINS!

The fight against oncological diseases. LINS solutions for radiology from St. Petersburg to Kamchatka

The problem of organizing, storing and accessing the diagnostic studies results is still relevant today. The fast image transmission system while maintaining the original quality is an important and complex technological challenge that the PACS system successfully copes with. PACS allows you to form a single data archive and integrate digital equipment based on the international DICOM standard into a single system.

Oncology clinic in Far East of Russia chooses LINS solution

Previously we have written about the experience of using LINS solutions in the largest oncological clinics in Russia as part of the federal projects implementation: "Fight against cancer" and "Creation of a single digital contour in healthcare based on a unified state health information system"...

The LINS company launches a technical support chat bot

The LINS company supplied the software for visualization, processing, images and data "LINS Machaon Doctor's Workstation: Mammography" together with our partners

LINS Makhaon workstation for the Krasnoyarsk A.I. Kryzhanovsky Regional Clinical Oncological Dispensary.

LINS Makhaon Doctor's Workstations have delivered to Krasnoyarsk A.I. Kryzhanovsky Regional Clinical Oncological Dispensary.

The LINS solution for modern Shengavit Medical Center.

It has been six months since the modern "Shengavit Medical Center" in the Yerevan (Republic of Armenia) successfully operates the "LINS" company's complex solution .

LINS solution for the Vidnovsky Perinatal Center.

The Vidnovsky Perinatal Center has launched a Digital Archive of Medical Images based on LINS products.

Large federal diagnostic centers choose LINS solutions

Large federal diagnostic centers in cities such as Voronezh, Taganrog, Kaliningrad choose LINS solutions to organize archives of medical images.

Planned price increase

LINS LLC announces an increase in prices for specialized software for radiation diagnostics from 07/01/2022.

The LINS company supplied to the District Cardiological Dispensary "Center for Diagnostics and Cardiovascular Surgery".

The LINS company has upgraded the computer system for collecting and archiving data in the District Cardiology Dispensary "Center for Diagnostics and Cardiovascular Surgery".

Frosted glass. Analysis at the "LINS Makhaon" workstation. Part three.

In the third issue of "Frosted Glass", radiologist Anton Vinokurov analyzes several cases using CT images as examples at the LINS Makhaon workstation, how the picture can change after more than a month and what complications can form.

Interesting manifestation visualization cases of the coronavirus infection in the lungs were analyzed at the LINS Makhaon workstation. Part two.

As part of our Frosted Glass project, together with radiologist Anton Vinokurov, we continue to analyze Interesting manifestation visualization cases of the coronavirus infection in the lungs at the LINS Makhaon workstation. Anton Vinokurov. Frosted glass part 2.

Frosted glass. Analysis at the workstation "LINS Makhaon". Part one.

"Frosted glass" - you've definitely heard about it! The coronavirus hasn't gone away yet. Anton Vinokurov, with the support of LINS at the LINS Makhaon workstation, analyzes interesting cases of COVID-19 visualization using CT data. Part one.

LINS Machaon workstations supplied for the needs of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "N.I. Pirogov National Medical Research Center".

Federal State Budgetary Institution "National Medical and Surgical N.I. Pirogov Center" has been replenished with LINS solutions.

LINS solution in the Nizhnevartovsk city polyclinic.

The LINS company has supplied software for storing medical images Makhaon DICOM Archive.

The LINS company supplied a robot for recording discs with research to the Federal State Budgetary Institution “N.N. Almazov".

The robot (automated disc burning system based on Diskproducer Epson PP100-II) allows you to automate the creating discs process, including burning DICOM files with studies and a viewer, as well as printing data about a medical organization, patient and study on the disc's surface.

Live broadcast on LINS YouTube channel

On November 26, 2021, the "Interdisciplinary clinical and radiological approach to imaging in oncology" conference will be held in the city of Yekaterinburg".