About Us

LINS is one of the leaders in the development and implementation of innovative radiological information systems and digital archives of medical images - PACS.

Our team works closely with leading specialists and clinics to create products that meet the highest requirements and standards.

In addition, we are committed to sharing experience and knowledge, which is why we have created educational content for radiologists on our Youtube channel. We believe that education is the key to success and growth, which is why we provide useful information for all stakeholders.

Our company is ready to become a reliable partner in achieving your professional goals. We guarantee an individual approach, high quality of our products and services, as well as prompt response to all your requests and needs.

Company in numbers:

5 000+ licenses delivered to customers
1200hospitals in Russia and abroad use our solution
13 years on the market

Our team:

Our team

The team of our company consists of creative and highly qualified professionals who have rallied around one goal - the development and implementation of innovative radiological systems and PACS that increase the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

All our employees are young and energetic people who love what they do and constantly improve their knowledge and skills. Our team consists of outstanding developers, skilled engineers, experienced technicians, analysts and managers who constantly share knowledge and experience to create products of the highest level.

LINS is proud of its team. We believe that our employees are our inspiration and support. We strive to create such conditions that each member of our team can show their talent and talent to the maximum in the development of products that we can be proud of!