Doctor's WS LINS LookInside

Inspired by ultrasound and endoscopy doctors

Diagnostic information system for an room or department

Report ModuleReport Module

Interactive reporting tool based on templates

100+ report templates (ultrasound, endoscopy, X-ray, CT, MRI)

Ability to create your own templates

Export and import of report templates

Statistics and reportsStatistics and reports

Obtaining statistical samples of varying degrees of complexity

Search by any patient data, types of studies, conclusions

Built-in editor of custom reporting forms

Export of selection results in standard MS Excel format

Image managementImage management

Saving and printing images along with the protocol

Instrumentation for measurements and image analysis

Comparison of images from current and previous studies

Various ways to import images into the program

Video capture moduleVideo capture module

Ability to work with devices that do not support DICOM

Archiving of dynamic images with support for any media codecs

Support for any video capture devices

Ability to work with a USB-pedal for capture

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