Radiology workstation LINS Makhaon

Every detail matters

Professional tools for working with medical images


View studies of various modalities:
CT, MR, PET/CT, US, CR, MG, DX, RF, XA, NM, OT and others

No limits on the number of stored studies

Quick access to previous patient exams and opening them in comparison mode

Compliance with DICOM 3.0 standard


Set of tools for X-ray and mammography

Advanced MPR (MinIP, MIP, Average IP)

Fusion of series and studies

3D visualization, including measurements on a 3D model

Virtual Endoscopy

Ergonomic interfaceErgonomic interface

Multi-language, friendly program interface

Interface scaling for high resolution monitors

Special interface schemes for color and monochrome monitors

Customizable toolbars for convenient work of the doctor

Multi-monitor support

Integration optionsIntegration options

Compatible with PACS and equipment from any vendor

Import and export studies in various formats

Printing to Windows and DICOM printers

Burn studies to CD/DVD with viewer

Ability to run from external applications HIS/RIS)

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